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If you live in Saint Petersburg FL the sand and grit play havoc with your hardwood floors. Modern area rugs protect the floor in addition to adding panache to the decor. Matching the colors and patterns of the furniture to the rugs or complementing colors and patterns is going to the online store and making a purchase. Education about hand made rugs, buying tips and cleaning rugs can all be found in the online store.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is home to some of the most beautiful blue-water beaches in the States. Its baseball stadium, sunken gardens, golf courses and cultural events make the city a destination for vacationers world-wide. The historic towns, churches and museums will keep a lot of history buffs busy, but the beaches will captivate those watching the blue water and blue sky meet on the horizon. 

Medallion Rug

Medallion Rug Gallery has a giant selection of handmade area rug choices in addition to sizes, shapes and practical uses for their Persian area rug choices. Let's say vacationers come to visit, or family and friends. They hit the beaches then return to your home to change before going out. They're going to track sand and grit up the stairs. It wouldn't be a problem for the hardwood stairs if a beautiful New Contemporary Persian Tabriz Area Rug 49003 were used as a runner on the stairs. 

Perhaps the Saint Petersburg citizen has an office in town. Filing cabinets, electronics tables and rolling desk chairs make deep scratches in a hardwood floor. Area rugs will save the floors getting scratched. Rugs add a touch of beauty, character and personality to an otherwise utilitarian atmosphere. New Contemporary Persian Tabriz Area Rug 1371 would add color and vibrancy to the office.

Perhaps the Saint Petersburg citizen has property to rent. S/he won't want the hardwood floors or even the carpets to become beyond hope. S/he will buy a new contemporary area rug to protect her/his investment. Renters will be pleased with the effect and the owner will be pleased he won't have to replace the flooring. 

Rugs make life prettier. Medallion Rug offers beautiful rugs, tips on buying them, cleaning and rotating them plus learning about them. The online store will provide something for everyone in Saint Petersburg. provides beautiful rugs for many purposes to Saint Petersburg FL residents and offices.

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