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If you ever get the chance to travel overseas to China, Pakistan, India, or Iran and visit one of the carpet manufacturers, one of the first things that will strike you is how much work actually goes into making one of the beautiful carpets that we see on display at stores like Medallion Rug Gallery.

Persian area rug , for example, can tell you much about itself, where it was made, and what the philosophy and lifestyle is in the area it was made, just by revealing its design as it is unrolled. Similar to the clans of Scotland and their different types of plaid, the Persian clans or tribes have always adhered to a specific style or way within each local area when they create carpets.

It is then only up to you to determine which design will appeal to you the most. A handmade area rugfrom China might have a totally different history. In China, many of the people that work designing and manufacturing carpets are known as Uighur. Nominally from the West of the country, they are often looked on as being different in Beijing, although their presence has added to a significant Muslim community within China.
Chinese carpets have great craftmanship and slightly more standardized designs. They may be more open to customization that Persian rugs.

new contemporary area rug or one of several other modern area rugs is another popular choice that you can find at the Medallion Rug Gallery. One of the convenient things about modern rugs is that you are able to choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. You can literally often customize the carpet that you intend to purchase for you own home. 

Area rugs are available almost everywhere throughout Southern California, so from a selection standpoint, why would someone purchase at Medallion? 

The answer is that it is that for thirty five years, the owner has been selecting rugs all over the world, not just for their beauty and their design, but for the value that they will carry with them going forward into the future. 
Amir Amidi and his team not only know carpets, they also know customer service. You can expect that having found the carpet design and style that you are looking for, there will be a very smooth experience from the time that you purchase it, to the time that it is delivered.

If you are having trouble finding an area rug that you like in San Bernardino CA, consider buying atMedallion, one of the most consistently top-rated rug dealers in California.

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