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Hi, I’m from Wake Forest, North Carolina, which is right outside of Raleigh. If you’ve been to the Super Target that is right between Raleigh and Wake Forest, you have likely passed by the Home Depot parking lot. You may have passed by like I have on a Saturday afternoon when the big white tent is propped up outside. 

My initial reaction whenever I see this tent is to instantly think of the circus. I imagine a space full of wonders, with performers from exotic lands performing amazing feats that have never been seen before in the United States of America. I get an instant feeling of curiosity mingled with wonder, awe, and excitement at the unknown. 

When I found out that in these tents there are dealers selling Persian carpets, I instantly began to associate these feelings of wonder and awe with the sight of intricately designed area rugs.

Whenever I saw a Persian area rug, I would get the feeling that there was some magical story associated with it. When I researched the history of this area rug, I learned that this is amazingly an accurate impression.

Persian rugs have a past that goes back for centuries. They have a worldwide reputation as goods of high quality and artistry. They have been traded by leaders and elites from both the east and the west, who all appreciate their beauty.

Now modern area rugs come in many different styles, but the traditional Persian handmade area rughas never gone out of fashion. This style has not stagnated though. It has evolved every time one of its traditional patterns was adapted and rewoven. These patterns contain a history of the people whose life and labor went into their creation and preservation just like oral histories contain the story of brave and lively people who have come before us. 

So when you buy a Persian area rug, you aren’t just buying a simple floor covering. You are buying a piece of history. You are buying a connection to the past. You are buying a symbol of life. You are becoming part of the process of this historic transfer of art and tradition through the generations. 

A simple, convenient way you can do this is by buying your new contemporary area rug from Medallion Rug Gallery. You can do this in their physical store, but if you are located somewhere far away, like I am in Raleigh NC, you can choose your favorite rug from Medallion’s large selection of inventory on their website.

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