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Here at the Medallion Rug Gallery in Palo Alto, California, we provide every form of rug from area rugs to Antique European Tapestry rugs. We also offer a 30-day trial on our rugs so that you have room to decide whether or not your rug choice is truly right for you and if not, you can return it to us, no questions asked. We also ship our rugs for free and offer 50%-80% off of the original retail price of the rugs.

Porter TX is a popular meet-up spot for those interested in the Asian culture and language. Especially our 9x12 semi-antique Chinese rugs are handmade out of wool and are shipped to us from China. The two square floral patterns in the top left and bottom right corners along with its burgundy red make for a feminine touch. The two square floral patterns also give off the illusion that there could be another picture or pattern in the middle so it would be easy for you to add either one.

Our 10x14 New Contemporary Tibetan rugs are knotted by hand with wool and are shipped to us from India. It is a red-and-gold gingham yet simple pattern fit for a mosque. So if you want your home or office to look peaceful and relaxing, this is the rug for you.

We have many modern area rugs and antique area rugs with many numerous Persian designs. Our 4x6 Antique Persian Kashan rug in particular has the design of an 1800’s soldier sitting down. Like the others, the good majority of the Persian rugs are also made with wool-some with silk mixed in-and are shipped to us from the Persian/Iran area.

Whether it is a floor rug or an area rug that you plan to purchase, we have what’s right for you right here at our store location in Palo Alto, California. We offer only the best and most luxurious works of art that we can find within the rug. The countries and cultures we sell our rugs from are very diverse due to our various international connections and all of our rugs are handmade. Even if you have purchased a handmade rug from another gallery, we are happy to provide you with a credit if you would like to trade it in with us in exchange from the rug you purchase from us.

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