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Consumers in Peoria AZ can purchase a handmade area rug from the Medallion rug Gallery. This company has a store in Palo Alto, California and a website where customers from all over the country can purchase a rug. They offer a money-back guarantee to their customers. Customers using the website can learn more about the history of rug-making and find the rug best suited to their needs.

Rugs have been made for millennia in many places around the world. The region that has been historically connected to rug-making is the Middle East. There are still cultures in this region that make rugs today. Another region where rugs have been created in the past and today is India. Europe also had some regions that created rugs and tapestries. The company website,, is an excellent source for more information about rug-making.

Finding a Rug
Customers using the Gallery’s website have five different rug features the need to choose. These features are the type of rug desired, the size needed, the style wanted, the design desired, and the age of the item. Below each feature is discussed in greater detail along with information about how to find this info on the website.

1. There are two types of rug sold on the Gallery’s website; runner rugs and area rugs. A runner rug is long, narrow and best suited for hallways. An area rug is larger and is more suited for rooms. Area rugs also come in three shapes; rectangular, square, and circular. Each type or shape of rug has its own section on the website to make searching for rugs easier.

2. Before shopping for a rug, a customer should determine what size of rug s/he needs. Once a customer has determined what size of rug s/he needs it is easy to find a rug in this size on the website. Each rug type/shape is divided into different categories according to size.

3. Pictures are given for most rugs. This helps customers find a rug in the style and design they want. One of the most well-known styles is the Persian area rug. Other styles/designs reflect the cultures that made them. Some are made to suit Western tastes.

4. The Gallery’s rugs are either antique rugs or modern area rugs. A new contemporary area rug often has designs that are similar to the antique rugs. When purchasing an antique rug a customer needs to be aware of its condition and how much wear it has. Each rug on the gallery mentions whether it is modern or antique.

A consumer in Peoria AZ can find a rug to suit his/her needs on the Medallion Rug Gallery’s website.

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