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Does your living room or bedroom need an area rug on the floor, if so you are not alone? Getting a great rug in Pasadena TX is now easy. Texans love the way a great rug feels on their feet. In an area where hard wood floors are the norm, children need something to lay on when watching their favorite television show or while playing with their toys. A rug gives a room excitement and warmth and can add to the decorative element. So what kind of area rugs work for what type of spaces, there are so many rugs to choose from where do you start? First Medallion Rug Gallery Here are some tips for finding the perfect rugs for your home. 

Location, Location, Location

Before shopping decide which rooms you need a rug for. You need to look at the colors of the room; the decorative elements and this will help to choose the right rug. While in a perfect world every room would be able to fit a square rug, it is just not feasible. In some rooms a round rug would go much better. Simply moving around the furniture can dictate the size and shape of rug that is needed. Each room will have a style element, like country or modern. When choosing a handmade area rug it has a durability that would be great for rooms with pets and children. 

Choosing the Pattern

Regardless of which room you have selected, coordinating is key. Some of the rugs, like the Persian area rug, can have quite an elaborate pattern and won’t fit in every room. If the room is really bland and doesn’t have much color on the walls or floors, then a spicy Persian may be just what is needed. Now imagine that same Persian rug in a room that is filled with a floral couch and loud drapes, it just wouldn’t work. You want the rug to make a statement, but not an overbearing one. It should be a great conversation piece but not make people think it is loud and totally out of place. 

Mixing the Elements

If you have any swatches of the couch, drape or pillow fabric, it is always advisable to bring it along when rug shopping. The new contemporary area rug might look great, depending on its pattern, in a room that has other bold colors. Just because a rug tends to stick to once specific style, doesn’t mean that it cannot work in another room. Try mixing colors, try blending a modern area rugs I in a room that would otherwise be known as primitive. Just because a rug may be classified a certain way, doesn’t mean it can’t fit in a variety of settings. The Medallion Rug Gallery is the place to shop for all your rug needs. Visit us online at

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