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Aaah, New Orleans LA, we love you for your vibrant history, warm-friendly people, lively multi-cultural mix, and non-stop celebratory spirit. Yours is a city of powerful allure that attracts all things exotic, intriguing, romantic and mysterious. At Medallion Rug Gallery, we couldn't resist introducing our exotic Persian area rug collection to New Orleans, knowing these handmade masterpieces fit well with your city's mystique.

Since we're new to the Big Easy, a proper introduction to Medallion is in order. In 1978, we began cultivating one of the largest handmade area rug collections in the world in our Palo Alto, CA showroom where we serve our California customers. It's our passion to offer area rugs of outstanding quality and craftsmanship from faraway lands of India, Pakistan, China and of course, Iran. Now we're fulfilling our dream of offering antique and modern area rugs to New Orleans residents who appreciate the luxurious, exotic things in life. 

Now, along with beignets and Dixieland jazz, you can enjoy exquisite handmade area rug shopping online. As you plan the anatomy of a room, a decorative rug is a great anchor piece to refresh any space. Enjoy exploring our vast new contemporary area rug collection by shape, size or color to accommodate your personal taste, decor style and home-space. from an over-sized area rug for a "Great Room" to hallway runners, choose from gorgeous antique rugs to new contemporary area rugdesigns.

Since many New Orleanians have a deep appreciation for history and heritage, you'll find both in the making of a Persian area rug. In fact, the earliest pile-weave rug known as the Pazyryk Carpet was found in Siberia, from the 5th century B.C. Even our modern area rugs are made using the same looms and tools that have barely changed for centuries. In fact, many tribal weavers remain nomadic or live in villages, carrying on their cultural heritage evident in their distinct motifs. 

You should know, there are great benefits to ordering area rugs from Medallion. Besides the online convenience of exploring $50,000,000 in inventory, and door-to-door free shipping, you'll get to try the area rug in your home under a no-risk trial period. If you change your mind, we'll arrange for pick-up at no obligation, for a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Plus, you'll save 50% to 80% off retail prices and pay no sales tax. 

So come on, New Orleans LA residents, explore Medallion Rug Gallery and enhance your home's exotic mystique with a rug that's a work of art.

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