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The Medallion Rug Gallery is a company that has a store in Palo Alto, California. They also have a website where customers all over the country can purchase a handmade area rug. A customer in Milwaukee WI can purchase a rug with a money-back guarantee. The Gallery’s website is easy-to-use. Below is an example of how a consumer can use the website to find a rug to fit a particular desire. Please note that this is just an example for the purpose of this article. The might not be a rug on the website exactly like the one described.

Example: A customer wants an 8ft x 12ft rectangular area rug. It needs to have a non-pictorial design and an origin in the Middle East. 

1. After going to the Gallery’s homepage, the first thing the customer looking for an item to match this description needs to do is click on the “Rectangle” tab at the top of the screen. This tab will allow the customer to browse all of the rectangular area rugs available on the website. 

2. Then the customer can narrow down his/her search using the subcategories shown on the side of the webpage. These subcategories are size ranges. Once the customer finds the side range that includes the size s/he requires, s/he can click on it to find a specific area rug. The size of a specific rug is listed below it's image.

3. Once the customer finds the proper subcategory, s/he can search for a non-pictorial rug of the proper size. Most of the rugs have pictures so searching for a particular type of design is easy. 

4. After a customer finds a rug or several rugs that match the shape, size, and design requirements, s/he can look at the information below the picture to see where it was created. There are numerous styles, like the Persian area rug, that originate in the Middle East.

5. If a customer has several choices after step 4, s/he might need to choose what age of rug s/he desires. The Gallery sells antique and modern area rugs. A new contemporary area rug often has designs similar to the antique rugs. When purchasing an antique rug, the customer needs to take into account the condition and wear of the rug.

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