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There are many reasons why people choose to live in Litchfield Park AZ. Certainly a common reason is enjoying the natural beauty, both within and surrounding the community. With Medallion Rug Gallery, you can pull that outside beauty right into your home with the ease of a phone call.

Our web site ushers you into a world of beautiful carpets that surpass any other location you might shop. We have a selections that range froantique area rugs tomodern area rugs … and will fit any room, hall, and entryway.

Think about a floor rug...

Are you looking to protect your floors, or have something to display as a work of art? An area rug can tell a story. We can help you with tribal and pictorial rugs … as unique and beautiful as your home.

However, this is just a part of what we offer.

Whether you know exactly what you want … or you're not sure … let us help you find the right rug for your needs.

Go to our site and you’ll see "Rugs 101". This will get you started by providing information - from the history of rugs to the weavers who create them. This will give you a better understanding of all that goes into your area rugs, and you’ll appreciate just how unique your selections will be. We also provide practical information on how to take care of your rugs, no matter where they’re placed in your home. Because all our rugs are hand- made, when taken care of properly, they will last for lifetimes. Unlike machine made rugs (which is like buying prints), your works of art are treasures you will want to preserve.

We are proud to provide a variety services, some of which may surprise you. Because we want our clients to be ecstatic with their purchases, it’s our policy to offer 30-day in home trials. Add in free shipping from Palo Alto California, and shopping with us is risk free!

Have a hand- made rug purchased from another gallery? If you'd like to trade it in ... we can work with you! We have an on-going interest in obtaining hand- made rugs, allowing you to use your trade-in towards your next purchase. Since we’ve been doing business for over 30 years, we have a passion for beautiful carpets and making clients happy with the rugs they’ve purchased from us. Our on-going commitment to provide everything a client needs includes restoration, appraisals, and even in-house consultations.

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