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Medallion Rug Gallery is helping customers define their living spaces and find the perfect area rug to complete the desired look. The purpose of having a floor rug is really two-fold. First, area rugs are used to define a space and to separate one room from another. Secondly, a rug can enhance the already amazing décor in any room. So how does a piece of carpeting enhance an area and define a space, it is really quite easy?

A rug can speak to all those who enter a room. It says that this furniture, curtains, wall hangings and everything belongs together. It simply unifies the furnishings. The main home design this day is an open concept with multipurpose rooms. Area rugs work great in this type of setting because they allow a person to distinguish between dining room and living room or whatever rooms need identification. Also helping to define a space is the size of the rug. If the room is small, try adding a larger floor rug, this can make that small space seem bigger.

A rug can also help to enhance the décor of a space. Most homes in Laveen AZalready have great décor, but a special rug can take it to a whole other level. Becausemodern area rugs can bring in bold colors and patterns choices, they cannot only coordinate with the other items, but they can give the room the “finished” feeling. If the room has hard wood floors, which many do these days, it can give it warmth and allow those who live there to forget the cold floor feeling. Now that we know what rugs can do for you, here are some Do’s and Don’ts when looking for antique area rugs and any other style.


  • Always Use Rugs That Are Appropriately Sized For The Space 
  • Select A Rug To Enhance Décor 
  • Shop Online To Find The Best Deals 
  • Use A Rug To Make a Statement In a Drab Room 
  • Use A Rug Guide To Find The Right Size Rug For The Space 
  • Use Dark Colors In Heavy Traffic Areas 
  • Expand Horizons and Hang Rugs On Walls As Art


  • Use Rugs The Size of Postage Stamps 
  • Put Rugs With Bold Color and Patterns With A Room Boldly Decorated 
  • Put Persians or Other Antique Rugs In Rooms With Children Or Pets 
  • Use Over or Under Sized Rugs 
  • Use Light Colors In Heavy Traffic Areas

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