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Rugs have been in American culture for decades but do you know where they came from? If you think the Area Rug in your home was made in America, you are in for a surprise. There is an amazing history about your floor rug and many other Area Rugs. If you are interested in finding out, continue to read this article. If you already own a rug, you will gain more appreciation for it. If you do not own a rug, you will want one.

Area rugs are so diverse in origin from Indian rugs to Persian rugs and even European rugs. No two rugs are the same; especially if they were hand-made. This is what makes rugs so popular among consumers. They love to know that their rug is different from everyone else’s rug. Famous rugs well known in history are the Pazyryk carpet and Ardabil carpet. The Pazyryk carpet is the earliest-known pile weave rug in history. This carpet was weaved in the 5th century BC which goes to prove rug weaving is an ancient craft. Ardabil carpets were woven in 1539 by Maqsud of Kashan. If you purchase from a quality rug store like the Medallion Rug Gallery, you can be sure that you purchased a rug of fine hand-made quality. You may even be able to snag rugs designed after some of the most significant periods in history.

Rug weaving has been around for centuries. Each significant point in history has had some influence in rug weaving. The first notable period was the Safavid Dynasty. During this period rug making became very popular. The ruler was a very skilled weaver and to express his passion for rug weaving, built workshops that wove amazing royal rugs in many cities. This brought a country-wide interest in rug making and allowed the invention of newly designed rugs. New patterns and designs emerged in different workshops around cities. Rug weaving was brought to India in the 16th century. The rugs were brought to India by Persians. It was very popular so the skilled weaver made a lucrative living off of it. The amazing history of Rugs has made its way into American civilization today and even closer to your city of Kingman NV. Rugs are a priceless gem from history. Whether the styles are modern area rugs or antique area rugs, every home deserves a touch of color and culture.

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