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When you start your quest for the perfect area rugs in Jacksonville FL, it can be tempting to just head to your local department store and see what they have. But there's no reason to buy the rugs that everyone else has. If you shop at the Medallion Rug Gallery, you can come home to an authentic Persian area rug in your living room, an antique European rug in your bedroom and modern area rugs throughout the other areas of your home.

If you are like many people, you will often find yourself choosing between several different patterns and motifs, and though these shapes and colors are important, it is also vital to consider a rug's layout and it whether or not it can hold up to the typical wear and tear your family can put on it.

Popular Area Rug Layouts and Your Home

There are are several popular area rug layouts that you will find including the All Over pattern, the Medallion layout and the One-Sided layout. These layouts are very common and you will instantly recognize them when you see them. However, what you might not know is that certain layouts can create certain effects in your home. Choosing the right layout is a great first step to take before making your final decision to buy. For example, the All-Over pattern is going to be great for large living rooms and activity rooms or even for master bedroom suites. This pattern creates a feeling of expanse and space more than any other layout. 

For rooms where you want to encourage family time or guest conversation like at a Thanksgiving or Christmas parties, select a Medallion pattern. The central focal point in the rug encourages human focus as well. For small rooms where a feeling of space is not important like breakfast nooks or personal reading areas, choosing a lovely One-Sided rug is a great idea.

Potential Wear and Tear on a Handmade Area Rug

Light colored rugs will get dirty quicker. Antique rugs will get torn up quickly if kids are running over them all the time or if you experience messy weather conditions in for a season causing people to track dirt and debris over them regularly. Use common sense when choosing rugs and especially when choosing runners. A new contemporary area rug is best for most high activity, high traffic households. You should only be considering purchasing rugs that can realistically hold up in your household.

Rug pattern layout and wear and tear are important elements to consider before you make your final rug choice. Many people ignore these factors. At http://MedallionRug.Com/, you will find very durable handmade rugs in hundreds of styles for every layout, so you can easily choose the right rug for you.

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