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Area rugs come in a diversity of styles, with choices to match any décor. Customary rugs, which are often mistaken for Oriental rugs, are usually rectangular, but also come in other shapes, like ovals or octagons. They normally come with a fringed edge and come in many hues, designs and style variations. A true Persian area rug is woven or tied by hand using material or silk threads. They have very unique and decorative designs that can be a focal piece for any space. These rugs also usually have a central medallion and are framed by a complex edge. American rugs have patterns grounded on colonial styles and go well with customary, country and casual decoration. Whatever type of modern area rugs you are looking for in Irvine CAThe Medallion Rug Gallery can help. 

An area rug is more than just a decorative component; they can also serve a purpose. From machine-made synthetics to those that are made by hand, rugs are a decorative element that every home needs. When looking for a new contemporary area rug they will not cost as much as a handmade area rug. The time and effort it takes to create a rug is reflective in the pricing. When purchasing a handmade area rug, the up-front investment is somewhat larger, but they offer an intricate design that is not always found on machine made styles. While machine made rugs are more economical, they don’t have the style and character of a homemade variety. They still have precise patterns and are stylish, but there is always a big different in a rug that has been made by hand and one that is machine made. 

Those who have eclectic décor should opt for a more contemporary style in their rug selection. Those who love the western look can opt for a southwestern style rug. There is a rug that can meet any style demands that a home and family has. A home with children and pets might want to avoid expensive Persians and look toward more practical rugs, like the modern area rugs

Selecting The Medallion Rug Gallery is a great way to ensure that all your stylish demands are met inside your home. We have ample selection of all types and sizes of rugs. Visit us on the web today at We have the perfect handmade area rug for you.

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