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The online selection of area rugs from Medallion Rug Gallery is a 10,000 deep collection of the very best in elegant, tasteful floor coverings. Modern area rugs and beautiful antique area rugs lay side by side on our strikingly stylish webpage, ample proof of a web presence unchallenged in the world of handmade rugs. We feel a true passion for all of our products, a deep satisfaction when our customers find the perfect area rug for an open section of floor space. A room can be full of furnishings and other accents and still only be half decorated. A floor rug is the final piece of the puzzle, the accent of color and design that completes the room.

Over in Indian Springs NV, the good folk are used to heat and keeping the interior of their homes in immaculate condition. Their atmosphere is dry and hot enough to fry eggs, but their homes are a complex mix of desert themed decor and world furniture. An area rug to these style conscious individuals reflects the shades of burnt red and orange of the land, combining shades of faraway rich blues and forest greens to set off those hot colors with cool contrast. 

Modern area rugs feature contemporary designs that fit right in with today's state of the art homes, with the many items of electronics such as home theaters. Medallion Rug Gallery has every possible configuration, shape and design possible in our trendy collections of area rugs. The same can be said for the timeless attraction of antique area rugs, floor accents bought to lay between antique end tables, finely preserved sofas and aged bookshelves. A few pieces of old furniture creates an atmosphere of a time long gone by, but the addition of a vintage floor rug surrounds the occupant of the room with the feel of another century. It’s almost as if they could close their eyes and imagine horse drawn carriages outside on the streets of Indian Springs NV.

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