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Your home floors receive heavy abuse on a regular basis. They get stepped on hundreds of times daily, they get puked on, peed on, and even scratched by children. Preserving the design and quality of your flooring is essential to enjoy a fully functional home. Dirty and broken floors reflect poorly towards the homeowner. Neglect and abuse could lead to hundreds of dollars worth of repairs in the future. Homeowners in Greensboro NC can easily avoid this by purchasing an area rug

There are tons of reasons to buy and use area rugs. These fabrics are great for protecting hardwood, tile, and marble flooring from scratches, dents, chips, and muddy tracks. Another reason is they add style and design to your home while still being more functional than a flower vase or lamp. It brightens up any space and complements any existing layout it is placed on. 

Having a new contemporary area rug also improves household safety. It prevents falls, which could lead to serious injuries. Installation of non-slip pads for better safety is also optional. 

Now, what options do you have? There's more than a handful of rugs you can choose, from modern area rugs to a handmade area rug. Key factors to discern the best option include style preference, available space, and budget range. What size of rug do you need? A classic Persian area rug can extend to several feet, depending on how much you need. Make sure you've already assessed the space you're planning to put the rug on to avoid problems later on. 

Style patterns also vary wildly. A new contemporary area rug will often have solid, sharp colors while artsy carpets will have unpredictable and more creative elements. Cost is also a concern when purchasing an area rug. You want something that boasts quality but doesn't cost you a leg. If you are looking for a retailer that delivers these three qualities, contact Medallion Rug Gallery today.

Medallion is a household brand for area rugs. They offer a wide selection of quality tapestries for the most competitive prices, from imported vintage rugs to handwoven Indian carpets. Different styles, colors, and sizes are available to meet the varying needs of clients. With the ownership of a rug comes the grave responsibility of maintaining it. Medallion can also help you by offering intensive cleaning and dusting, complete restoration, and repair of handwoven rugs. 

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