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Medallion Rug Gallery offers a range of area rugs in Glendale AZ. Glendale is known for its many educational institutions and historic sites. In Glendale there are many community members who are highly educated. These community members know quality, and they want quality in their floor coverings.

Medallion offers quality in an area rug. If you are interested in purchasing a floor covering, then you should go the Medallion’s website to see the vast array of possible flooring coverings. Medallion’s website is:

At Medallion’s website you can educate yourself on the many possibilities for artistically covering your floors. There are area rugs that are hand woven with natural dyes. Also, there is the alternative of a new contemporary area rug. All the rugs are carefully selected by Medallion buyers for excellence in design. These rugs are art for the floor. 

Glendale is located in the Southwest. There is an array of possible Indian hand spun, dyed, and woven art for the floor. The dyes are nature colors from the actual color of the wool, as well as from plant dyes. The colors can be muted such as browns, whites, and blacks. But there are also vegetable dyes that range in colors from red, to yellow, and to blue. These colors come from plant dyes, and are made as they have been for centuries.

In the Old Southwest Indian handmade woven rugs were used alongside of Oriental rugs. If you visit historic sites, you can see rooms where there is an Oriental rug, as well an Indian rug. It is interesting that traditionally these two styles were used together. It feels counterintuitive. It is contrary to what you might think. Surprising Southwestern Indian rugs and Oriental rugs complement each other.

Medallion takes pride in their service to customers. Medallion staff are there to inform and educate customers. Working collaboratively with Medallion staff, you can select from Oriental rugs and the modern area rugs. Medallion might discuss the possibility of a Persian area rug, which is a handmade area rug. There are contemporary design rugs that are modern paintings for the floor.

Medallion staff are knowledgeable and trust worthy. Together you and the staff will select a rug that is exactly what will enhance and compliment your home.

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