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When you are searching for the ultimate in area rug quality, the Medallion Rug Gallery in Batavia IL should be your one stop shop for modern area rugs, as well as antique area rugs. The Gallery is famous for its fine area rug selection, and it's high time that all local Batavia IL residents learned of its forthright commitment to customer satisfaction and state of the art quality.

The Medallion doesn't actually have a physical store in Batavia. Its physical store is located in Palo Alto, CA. However, all Medallion merchandise can be directly ordered from the Internet.

There are many distinct styles of area rugs. It has long been believed that no one single gallery can host examples of all of them under one roof. This old cliche may or may not be true, but one thing is certain. If any supplier of area rugs currently operating on the modern international market place comes close to fulfilling this age old consumers' fantasy, it may well be the Medallion. No other so-called "competitor" has even come close to fulfilling this ideal. 

If modern area rugs are what you've come in search of, you're going to be more than pleasantly surprised at the amazing selection that the Medallion has to offer you. If your preference runs more toward antique area rugs, the Medallion has more than its share of classic examples to show you. No matter what your stylistic preference may be, the Medallion has more than anticipated your needs, and is more than willing to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to satisfy them. 

In the end, there can only be one ultimate one stop floor rug shop in Batavia. The town is simply not big enough for more. So, while "fly by night" pretenders and supposed competitors come and go, the Medallion remains. When you are in the market for an excellent new floor rug, the Medallion is the supplier that remains ready, willing, and able, at all times, to meet your demand. 

What other long time floor rug merchandiser can boast the reputation of excellent selection and full guarantee on all products that the Medallion Rug Gallery has long supplied to each and every one of its legions of loyal customers? Each and every piece of merchandise that the Medallion sells is backed up with a full warranty and comprehensive guarantee of life long quality.

In the end, the Medallion's long history of quality and excellence speaks for itself. No other supplier of rug and carpet merchandise can make the same claims. Whether you are searching for modern designs from local artisans, or classic antique specimens, the Medallion will be able to accommodate your wishes.

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