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With the opening of WunderKammer Company's downtown gallery by Fort Wayne IN native Dan Swartz in January 2013, the city finds itself enthralled in a vast rebirth of art meets history. The subtle nuance of days-gone-by revisited in the decor of the props used to tell the history of this city and its people.

Another gallery has been bringing the finest art to America for over 35 years. Since 1978, Amir Amidi has displayed exquisite art forms in the form of area rugs for the Palo Alto, California community and several fortunate interior designers that were privet to have access to his imports. You don't have to go to Palo Alto. The ease of shopping online affords you the opportunity to choose a area rugPersian area rugnew contemporary area rug or one-of-many modern area rugs from the comfort of your home or office.

You can still go to Palo Alto, California and visit one of Amir's two showrooms on University Avenue to choose your handmade area rug. It just isn't necessary. The "Medallion Rug Gallery" website will explain exactly what to look for in satisfying your needs for rugs for home or office. They have over 20 staff members with over 100 years experience and can easily explain the differences in layout, pattern, style, weave, pile, make and category. Just a few of the elements that go into making these beautiful floor treatments.

Hold on for a moment. Amir and his fine staff know you can't tell how a rug is going to look in a certain room, under certain lighting conditions just by looking at a picture on the internet. That's why at Medallion they have a "Try Before You Buy" policy that lets you see the rugs you think you like in the exact setting you want them in before you are obligated to purchase.

Now who can afford these rugs? With discounted prices, emphasis on customer satisfaction and I've even heard tell of clients that once the rugs were in their home and they had decided it was a perfect fit, somehow got into a bartering with Amir and had the price further reduced from the final discounted price! I think anyone that does their due dilligence can easily own a piece of art.

Alright, sounds great. Wait a minute, I've got another problem here. My wife decided she doesn't like the early-American wood floors and wants to put some white-marble colored laminate down. There is no way our rug is gonna look good on that. Fear not, remember that customer satisfaction thing Amir is a stickler for. He has a "Lifetime Exchange Guarantee" policy. Yep, if you ever want to exchange your rug the entire purchase price will be applied to the cost of your next purchase.

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