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The addition of an area rug is an ideal way to accentuate any room. By harmonizing shapes and colors, area rugs can add to the ambience and mood of your interior decoration. Ideally, you want to choose a rug that has colors that complement the furniture, wall and other furnishings of the area. Floor rugs are often used as a centerpiece of attraction, or to direct attention on other aspects of your interior design. A large, centrally placed rug will garner maximum attention.

Durham NC residents can find floor rugs from the Medallion Rug Gallery in a wide variety of shapes, materials and textures. Durham is a well known southern city famous for friendly people, hospitality, and is a thriving technological hub. There are many interesting attractions including museums, theaters and parks. Durham is also recognized for its educational facilities and trendy arts.

An area rug is an excellent mixture of utility and form. A beautifully crafted handmade area rug is typically made with fine quality wool material that is able to withstand the rigors of regular cleaning and heavy traffic. These durable rugs have a very high density and can last for years. Floor rugs over time have involved into many unique styles and shapes around the world. For example, a Persian area rug can date back thousands of years in design, yet is still highly popular today.

If you want to add a modern feel to your rooms, you might want to consider a colorful braided rug. These modern area rugs come in a variety of shades such as green, blue or brown. A new contemporary area rug may be more luxurious in style with warm colors to create an ambience of cozy comfort. Depending on your floor rug selection, you can alter the appearance and tone of any room while giving it a characteristic that is distinct and attractive.

When purchasing a new floor rug, keep in mind that a certain amount of care and maintenance may be required. Some rugs will need to be taken to a specialist that understands how to properly care for different materials. The cost of your new rug depends entirely on the materials used in the manufacturing process. Handmade rugs are usually more costly than those which are machine manufactured.

Area rugs complement wood floors amazingly well. Wooden flooring is elegant with low maintenance, and a floor rug provides many opportunities to emphasize the character of wood. Also, a large rug can warm the feet on cold floors during the winter. Regardless of your decor, floor rugs are an ideal source for style and beauty.

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