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Detroit MI is the main and biggest city in the state of Michigan. It's known as a metropolitan area and many of the people who live there are going to want to decorate their homes to reflect this, as well as their own personal style. Detroit inhabitants are often modern and edgy, and so their homes can be the same. Decorating your home can be a fun but difficult task, and finding the perfect finishing touches can be a challenge. 

Adding an area rug can be a great way to finish the decor of your home, as well as adding a unique touch of individuality and sophistication. Area rugs are large, decorative rugs that are fabulous for placing in rooms with areas of large, open floor space. Finding the right area rug can really finish any room in your house. For large houses with spacious, open lobbies, area rugs can be ideal. 

For people from Detroit, buying a new contemporary area rug couldn't be easier, as the Medallion Rug Gallery have a comprehensive, easy to use website on which you can find your ideal rug. The store is situated in Palo Alto California, but their professional website allows people from all over the country to buy high quality rugs of all kinds.

Modern area rugs are very much in demand at the moment, and Detroit people could find the perfect rug for their modern home with Medallion rugs. When buying a new rug, many people consider the quality to be very important. Choosing a handmade area rug from Medallion rugs is the ideal way to make sure you have the best quality rug. Each handmade rug is painstakingly stitched by a skilled rug maker, and each one is unique and individual. Buying a handmade Medallion rug will ensure that you have a one of a kind treasure in your home.

Adding a taste of the Orient to your home is becoming very popular in Interior Design these days. You can also choose an intricate and beautiful Persian area rug to complement your Oriental and tropical theme. Choosing a Persian area rug could be a great choice for many people for cultural reasons, as well as aesthetic ones. Many people have cultural ties to Persia and having a Persian rug in their home can be a great way to show this. Whatever rug you are looking for, Medallion rugs will have one to suit you.

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