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If you are looking to buy a new floor rug for your room or need several area rugs for other rooms in your house, then consider the large selection of luxury handmade rugs that Medallion Rug Gallery offers. Happily serving the extraordinary location of Death Valley NV, which many people call a photographer’s dream and where its interesting history of the land includes famous National Park attractions. Shopping with Medallion will be a stress free experience with help from experts that have over 30 years of experience in handmade rugs.

Whether you are shopping for modern area rugs or antique area rugs, there are many exquisite styles and vibrant colors to choose from. Finding an intricate design for your home is made simple with the exceptional display and showcase of the area rugs available for purchase. Residents of Death Valley NV will find the premier selection of handmade rugs breathtaking works of art.

The choice of shape in your floor rug can be square, round or rectangular. Other choices include runners and several sizes to choose from. You are sure to find the rug that meets your needs. Handmade rugs offer superior craftsmanship and beauty. One rug alone can take about two and half years to weave. Rugs made from these standards and quality can also become valuable. 

Collectible rugs are great for display and for many, it’s like having a famous piece of original art. from collectible designs ranging from the gorgeous Antique Persian Kashan to the New Contemporary Persian Tabriz. Finding the exact area rug you want from a private collection will be an affordable investment you will be pleased with. Your area rug will indeed become a treasure to own and pride to have in your home.

Unlike machine made rugs, handmade rugs are made typically form silk or wool and woven by hand or manually on a loom. They are considered an investment that can be passed down for several generations. The unique designs of handmade rugs have made them tradable among collectors just as they would a distinct work of art.

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