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If you are searching for quality modern area rugs or antique area rugs in the Death Valley Junction NV area, the Medallion Rug Gallery should be your first stop. No other area rug vendor has such a fine and varied selection. In addition to the excellent stock of area rug and floor rug examples, the gallery also features classic modern area rugs and antique area rugs

The Medallion doesn't actually have a physical store in Death Valley. Its physical store is located in Palo Alto, CA. However, all Medallion merchandise can be directly ordered from the Internet.

Floor rug selection for your home in the Death Valley Junction NV area has never been easier or more cost effective. This is entirely due to the gallery's excellent connections in the carpeting and rug making industry. The owners and operators of the Medallion have gone far beyond the call of duty to assemble examples of some of the finest rugs and carpets ever seen in one location. And, in the Southwest, where some of the world's finest artisans call home, this is quite a revelation. 

If you feel that the most important item your home floor is missing is an area rug, now is the time to act on that idea. Area rugs have never been more plentiful in the Death Valley Junction region, thanks to the Internet. Both local and international rug makers are proud to display their products in the gallery, and regional customers are poised to reap all of the benefits. 

The area rugs that the gallery places on sale are some of the finest examples of their kind to be found on the modern international market place. All of the rugs and carpets that the gallery sells are backed up by a full warranty and guarantee of quality. If you should notice any defect in the product you purchase, the gallery will refund your money or replace the product with another of identical or similar quality. This is the deal that the gallery strikes with each and every one of its many loyal customers, some of whom have been dealing with the gallery for many years. 

The Death Valley area has recently seen a renaissance of artistic and crafting activity. At no other time in its long and illustrious history have so many rug and carpet crafters been represented in local galleries such as the Medallion.

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