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Convention centers abound from Dallas to Houston to San Antonio in Texas. People also flock to Texas to build and renovate hotels, hospitals and schools. People need a place to stay while all this is going on. Those attending conventions may stay in hotels for a time, but those taking months to build and renovate need a place to stay. Many people own homes and apartment buildings in Cypress TX just for this purpose. Medallion Rug Gallery is on hand with modern area rugs to help beautify the homes and apartments.

When workmen come home from a long day building and renovating, they bring with them dust and debris from the work sites. This dirt and debris can abrade carpets, hardwood and even linoleum floors. Owners might consider placing a new contemporary area rug such as the Semi-antique Persian Baluchi 1370 or the New Contemporary Persian Qum 1444 in the entrance way before the workmen take off their boots.

Medallion Rugs offers home and apartment owners two unique services. The Try Before You Buy service allows home and apartment owners to try area rugs in different parts of the home before buying. If the rug isn't right, choose another. Additionally, home and apartment owners may use the Lifetime Full Exchange Guarantee. If the homeowner redecorates, the exchanged rug will go toward the purchase price of the new rug.

Livingrooms where the workmen gather after work would be the perfect place for a Persian area rug. Some homes or apartments have an office area for sending and receiving reports, doing paperwork or placing calls. The floor beneath the tables for office equipment and rolling desk chairs would benefit fromhandmade area rug. Small round rugs like the New Contemporary Persian Kashan 46118 would be a nice touch beside beds. No one would think of an expensive handmade rug in the kitchen, but beneath the diningroom table would be a lovely place for the Semi-antique Persian Kashan Area Rug 1440.

Home and apartment owners renting to workmen would benefit from placing handmade rugs in their homes and apartments. The floors and carpets will last longer in addition to the beauty rugs would add to the premises. Trading off rugs when the decor changes will be a snap and not more expensive. Visit the online store for more information.

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