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Are you starting out with a blank canvas? Have you found that perfect Corpus Christi TX home, and you know that it can one day be a wonderful space to share with friends and loved ones? However, you don't have the budget to hire an interior designer, and you are a bit afraid of tackling interior design yourself. You have had some friends that have decorated their own homes and they've done okay. In fact, you like many of their design choices, but can you pull this off yourself?

If you're starting with large, vast rooms of open space, then you should feel lucky. Don't feel overwhelmed. You can find inspiration and a great starting point for your home design plan at the Medallion Rug Gallery. The area rugs that they sell are some of the most beautiful that you will find.

Their rugs are typically sumptuous handwoven pieces, the perfect compliment to every home décor scheme. You will find Chinese, European, Modern, Persian and Indian rugs throughout the website and showrooms. There is something for everyone and every rug is high end. There are many reasons that you should shop at the Medallion Rug Gallery when you are trying to outfit a new space:


If you are stumped on how to begin designing a room, start off by selecting an area rug that you like. Pick out one for each room and then select your curtains, wall décor, furniture, lamps and other decorative knick knacks to coordinate with your area rug in an attractive way. It's not necessary for things to be matchy-matchy. Several off colors thrown in will give your room a bit of glamor and interest, but don't overdo the off color accents either because eventually that will make the room look junky.


Whether you are looking for a Persian area rug, a regular handmade area rug, a new contemporary area rug or modern area rugs, the selection is vast at Medallion. In addition, the company was featured in several premiere publications including Architectural Digest, California Home Design, San Franciso, Gentry Magazine and several more. In addition, Medallion works directly with top interior designers from all over the United States.


Medallion has been in business since 1978. Many of their customers have become lifetime shoppers. You can read their glowing testimonials on the website. If you do that, you will understand quickly why Medallion has earned its reputation. You can feel safe shopping with them. 

At http://MedallionRug.Com/, they are simply the best in the business; trustworthy and professional with a selection that cannot be matched.

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