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The Medallion Rug Gallery has been helping people like you find an amazing area rug for their homes in Conroe TX for decades. Whether you are looking for modern area rugs or a new new contemporary area rug, we have something for every taste and every budget. One style that most people like is the Persian area rug. While they are adored for their beauty, many people don’t know the history and stories behind these rugs. The Persian and Oriental rugs date back as far as 2,500 years. While some think that the Asian people were the first to create such masterpieces, it was actually the Iranians who were some of the forerunners. Originally created to keep the nomadic tribesmen’s feet warm, they later became popular among kings and other royalty. 

Each of these rugs is handmade with attention being paid to every detail. There are two popular styles of knots that are used, the Turkish and the Persian, both of which create a stunning finished product. They are made of wool, silk and other precious fabrics. Each knot is done by hand and it can take years to create one high end rug. While the Persian rugs definitely fall under the category of a handmade area rug, they are really a woven work of art. Each rug tells a story and is unique in its appearance, no two are the same. They can be hung on the wall as an art piece or put on the floor in the finest of rooms. These are definitely not rugs that should be put in rooms with high traffic or those that are prone to spills. They tend to be pricier than other machine made models because of the great time and effort that goes into each one. Here are some other fun facts about Persian rugs:

  • First used by Nomads as a form of insulation for their tents. 
  • The most popular flowers used in Oriental rugs are the lotus or peony.
  • Symbolism is big in rugs, like “X” means the four corners of the Earth.
  • The borders of a carpet were originally created to protect those who are sitting on the inside. 
  • Any piece of carpeting that is less than 40’ in size is considered a rug, not a carpet. 

The Medallion Rug Gallery has the finest area rugs in the country. We cater to those who love the exotic Persian and Oriental styles, but also have a full inventory of amazing handmade and new contemporary blends. Look us up today on the web at

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