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Columbus OH is a great city to raise a family in. The homes in the inner city and communities are beautiful. There are many affluent areas in this thriving metropolis, like New Albany and Dublin. Those living in these areas know the important of keeping their homes looking spectacular. Rather than just having a traditional living space, they want something that is alive with color and screams sophistication. While there are many shopping centers in this area, there is not a great deal of places that a person can buy a fabulous area rug. Thankfully, those living in and around this famous city in Ohio don’t have to go far, or even leave their homes. It is easy to find the area rugs to accommodate any home online.

Medallion Rug Gallery has a large selection of rugs that can fit into any home. Whether the homeowner has extravagant taste and wants to have a plush Persian area rug or they want modern area rugs to go with their urban décor, we can accommodate. To select the right rug all starts with a plan, a design plan that is. Will this rug be used to provide warmth to cold hardwood floors, or will it be used to add a decorative element? Area rugs can have a plain patterns or a wild variety of shapes and colors, it’s all about preference. 

Going online to is a great way to shop from the comfort of home. Because local stores in Columbus are limited on space and supply, they cannot offer what Medallion can. With large warehouses and enormous selections of rugs, there is something for every taste. Want a new contemporary area rug, or why not try a handmade area rug where the crafter paid attention to every detail. Regardless of the style or color, buying from Medallion ensures that the family is getting a top quality rug that will be used for years to come. 

Because hardwood floors are such a popular option these days, having a great accent rug is equally important. Children do not like to play on a cold and hard wood floor, they want carpet. Since wall to wall carpet is not an option for most families, they opt for an area rug. These types of rugs are easy to spot clean and because the back can be cleaned as well, they don’t harbor odors and stains like traditional carpet. 

Generally a person can find whatever they want at Medallion Rug Gallery. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a new rug can be on its way and ready to warm the floor and hearts of all who live in the home. Make a statement in Columbus, with a new rug.

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