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What comes to your mind when you think of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Perhaps you visualize the metropolitan city of Cleveland OH or maybe the music memorabilia that make the artists unforgettable? It’s interesting though that an area rug can actually have the same effect.

An authentic Persian area rug contains memorabilia of the artisans that created them. Their unique artwork, patterns and designs tell a story of a people, their beliefs and geographical origins. The Persians have dominated the 3,000-year-old tradition of rug making and many consider this type of area rug an exquisite work of art. 

Along with precious oil paintings, many art collectors seek out these rugs for their timeless value and charm. They realize that they are considered invaluable gems and are usually included in the family heirlooms. If the rug is purchased for personal home décor, they make a wise investment since they are not taxed like other investments as business gains.

Area rugs have the power to make guests feel welcome, cozy and warm. A handmade area rug adds style, history and elegance to a home as it complements the homeowner’s appreciation of authenticity and originality. The hand spun yarn absorbs more dye and contains a blend of various colors that are profound and long-lasting. But much consideration has to be given to choose the right rug for the room its intended for. This is why it is very important to choose a rug dealer that not only is very knowledgeable on the subject but is eager to generously share this information with the customer. Medallion Rug Gallery has a flawless reputation for doing just that. 

Their staff of professionals is ready to provide a full service which includes allowing you to see a number of rugs in the appropriate room without any cost or obligations. This allows the customer to properly evaluate the rug in the comfort of their home to determine which rug offers the desired mood. They also provide professional cleaning services with free delivery, annual rug rotation and appraisal services for insurance companies. For a more up-to-date motif modern area rugs are available or perhaps a new contemporary area rug is what may be needed to call attention to one particular room.

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