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For rug enthusiasts, a beautifully handcrafted area rug is considered as a work-of-art, making it a great addition to their collection. To homeowners in Bellaire TX, it is a way to beautify and bring warmth to their abode. Whether you are an art collector or any type of buyer, you can choose from a variety of exquisite handmade floor rugs offered by Medallion Rug Gallery

Benefits of Area Rugs

  • Add Beautyfloor rug can transform a dull space into something that is eye-catching without spending a lot on redecorating.
  • Define SpaceWhen a house has an open floor plan and has no walls or dividers to distinguish one room from another, floor rugs can be used to define each area.
  • Add WarmthFloor rugs have the ability to insulate a room. So, they make it cozier and more comfortable. This way, they can also reduce the costs of heating.
  • Hide StainsThey can be used to camouflage stains on the flooring. This is a less costly alternative to re-varnishing or re-carpeting the whole area.
  • Provide safety for Kidsfloor rug can cushion the fall of little kids, protecting their delicate head, arms and feet.

Things to Consider When Choosing Area Rugs


The quality of craftsmanship is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing floor rugs. When it comes to this feature, Medallion Rug Gallery offers the best choices to collectors and homeowners all across the globe.


Handmade rugs are carefully crafted while paying attention to detail. They are resistant to wear and tear, making them last for a long time. Typically made from wool or silk, they are labor intensive and take years to complete. These make them more expensive than those that are machine made, which can take only a day to accomplish. Antique area rugs are usually more expensive than modern area rugs.


The colors of a floor rug should complement the colors of a room, its furniture and other decors. Choosing a light color can make a space look warmer more spacious. On the other hand, a dark color rug can make a particular area appear to be cozier and more intimate. 


Geometric designs are appropriate for modern area rugs while antique area rugs with floral patterns are fitting for homes in Bellaire TX with traditional settings.

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