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Baytown TX is a city where oil and water meet. Located on the shore of Galveston Bay with rivers on two boarders, this city is also involved in the oil industry. It is located in Harris County and is only 30 miles from Huston, 50 miles from Beaumont, and 40 miles from Galveston. This is a city of nearly 73,000 people. Most of the population is under the age of 44. This city’s residents should consider adding handmade rugs to their homes.

Medallion Rug Gallery sells handmade area rugs in a variety of styles. One type of rug they sell is the Persian area rug. Persian rugs are made in a particular style, not place. There are also modern area rugs available. Some of these rugs reflect the styles of the cultures that make them but others are made to suit Western tastes. A new contemporary area rug would not only make an excellent addition to a room’s décor but an area rug would also be a good financial investment.

handmade area rug also comes in a variety of shapes. The most common shape for a handmade rug is rectangular. However, this gallery also has square and circular rugs. There are also runner rugs, which are longer than rectangular rugs and not as wide.

This gallery also sells a variety of antique rugs. These come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. Most of these rugs came from the Middle East and Europe. The gallery also has some European tapestries. In addition to adding to a room’s décor, these items are beautiful pieces of a culture’s history.

These rugs also come in a variety of patterns. Most rugs are geometric or non-pictorial. There are some rugs which contain pictures of people and/or animals. this gallery has examples of all three of these pattern types in contemporary and antique rugs.

The gallery has an excellent website that can guide buyers to the right rug. They also offer the chance to try a rug and a money-back guarantee. Placing a rug in the room it is intended for is a good way to ensure it will match the furniture and décor.

People in Baytown TX should by a handmade area rug from the Medallion Rug Gallery. You can visit the gallery at This website can help you find an area rug to suit your decor in the best size for your room. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your particular tastes.

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