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Area rugs are an excellent interior design option, versatile and functional, as well as visually appealing.The Medallion Rug Gallery in Arlington TX goes well beyond the average area rug, offering rugs that are exquisite pieces of art. Amir Amidi opened Medallion Rug approximately 35 years ago, bringing a wealth of knowledge about the selection and care of new and antique rugs, as well as his sharp rug appraisal abilities. Medallion Rug offers a full selection of Persian area rug designs and modern area rugs

Commonly used rug making tools include both vertical and horizontal looms, scissors, knives, and design plates. Using the best quality of carefully selected materials can result in rugs that can last a lifetime, with the proper care. A handmade area rug is a highly prized item, often handed down for generations. Several places around the globe have been known for the quality of their rugs for centuries, including India, Iran, and Pakistan. These are the sorts of rugs that Amir Amidi has always sought for his customers. 

The extraordinary inventory of rugs available at Medallion Rug includes a new contemporary area rug selection, as well as a remarkable Persian area rug collection. They offer traditional square, rectangular, and circular area rug sizes, as well as the less commonly sought larger rugs. As a decorating device, a rug can be used to define a portion of space, setting it aside within the area of a larger room, such as a reading nook in a much larger living room space. It can serve as the central focal point of a room, setting the entire tone of the space. A quality rug is truly the perfect interior design foundation.

The Medallion Rug staff is dedicated to helping customers select the right high quality rug for their specific interior design goals and needs. They are always happy to share the rug expertise and experience they’ve garnered through the years of working intimately with these quality products. The Medallion Rug website, at, features a wealth of rug selection tips and other information, as well as live chat assistance for customers seeking to know more about the gorgeous rugs carried by the Medallion Rug Gallery in Arlington TX

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