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Are you looking for a way to beautify your floors? If you live in Alvin TX and are in need of aesthetic and antique area rugs, then, you only need to think Medallion Rug Gallery. This online store offers Alvin residents a chance to shop for different modern and antique area rugs for both their offices and home floors. There indeed are over 10,000 area rugs collection on display aimed at giving a shopper a wide variety of both antique and modern area rugs to choose from.

There are countless reasons why shopping for rugs through the store is the best solution there is. The key benefit is that one is afforded irresistible discounts geared towards making them shop to their satisfaction while saving loads of money. By merely signing up, one is awarded a 15% discount on any floor rug that they opt to purchase. Aside from this, one is further awarded other additional discounts that may see them purchasing their dream rug for as low as 20% of the initial cost. Other than the discounts, a shopper living in Alvin TX is offered free shipping on all area rugs purchased through the Medallion Rug Gallery. One further gets to benefit from free trade-ins, 100% money-back guarantee as well as free cleaning, repairing and restoring of the previously purchased antique or modern area rugs.

Since the Medallion Rug Gallery is an online store, in order to fully meet the diverse needs and wants of the Alvin residents, one is offered a wide range of customer-friendly services aimed towards making their shopping and purchasing experience worthwhile. Examples of these include the home trials. These trials basically enable one to choose an area rug or rather rugs of their choice that they would like to display on their floor. Then, a team of professionals pays one a visit with the chosen rugs and helps them in displaying these rugs on their floor, till they find the perfect one. The key advantage of this service is that, even after the end of the trial, one is never obliged to purchase an area rug. Other additional services offered include free and 24-7 customer support service and free consultancy services with a professional interior designer.

The key highlights of purchasing a floor rug or other modern or antique areas rugs from this online store in Alvin TX is that, no sales tax is imposed on the buyer hence making the rugs very affordable and the whole shopping experience exceedingly convenient.

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