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Medallion Rug Gallery - Area Rugs

We want to make area rug shopping as fun and stress free as possible for you, so we have compiled three top buying tips based on our 30 years of experience in the area rug business. Whether you are looking for a simple area rug for your entryway or a vintage collectible area rug to put on display, these tips create the foundation for what you need to know!

1.) Cost of the Rug 

Handmade area rugs are going to be more expensive than those that are made by a machine because of the intensive labor process. In fact, a handmade rug can take up to two and half years to create, but a machine made area rug will be completed in one day. The best way to determine if you are getting a good deal on either type of area rug is to compare the cost per square foot to other similar styles. It is also important to remember that antique and collectible rugs are going to more expensive than their modern counterparts.

2.) Handmade Area Rugs versus Machine Made Area Rugs 

Handmade area rugs are typically made of silk or wool, and they are knotted and woven either by hand or manually on a loom. As long as you take care of your investment, these durable collectibles can be passed down for several generations. The unique design and high quality craftsmanship that goes into a handmade area rug can help increase its value over time, and many of these rugs will be traded and collected like works of art.

Machine made rugs are created on a computerized loom, and they are often made from an assortment of materials. Machine made rugs that are in a lower price tier are typically made from synthetic materials, and they are not likely to appreciate in value or become valuable to a rug collector. In fact, machine made rugs are considered to be similar to buying an art print instead of an original piece of art.

3.) Be sure to consider the amount of traffic, sun exposure and use your rug will get when determining your area rug selection.

Wool rugs are very durable and can sustain wear and tear, while silk rugs are more delicate. Some rugs can handle stains and stain removal better than others. Similar to apparel, be sure to understand how your particular rug will need to be maintained. As a final note, don't forget the rug pad. Rug pads help your rugs stay in place and provide an extra layer in between your rug and the floor.