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Interior Designer Information

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Interior DesignerName : Jacqueline
Last Name : Steinberg
Company : Eve Mode Design
Reseller Number : test
State : Alabama
Email :
Website :
Address Line 1 : 2410 Bagley Ave
Address Line 2 : test
City : Los Angeles
Address State : Residential
Zipcode, USA : 90034
Phone : 310 202 1171
Fax : 310 202 7759
Business Type : Residential
Business Model : Interior Design Firm
Business Years : 4
authorized : Yes
authorized buyer : test
title : Eve Mode Design


Lila Levinson is an award-winning interior designer with an abundance of energy and integrity. Highly respected by her peers and widely published, she is technically competent and stands out in her field. She truly designs from the heart!
She is a CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) as well as a Professional member of ASID and a Certified Interior Designer, but the walls of her studio tell the real story. They are filled with awards, including Designer of the Year 1990, and accolades of every shade from best furniture design to best kitchen and bath.
“My experience, product knowledge and abundance of ever changing resources and creative solutions along with construction knowledge and an artistic eye make the design the process fun and much easier for my clients. My staff and I help them through the infinite decision process, whether it is residential, commercial, construction related or furnishings and decorating. We start with the architecture and look at everything—natural and artificial lighting, privacy, ventilation, scale and proportion, traffic flow and maintenance, as well as color and texture.
“In the end,” Levinson says, “the results must be timeless, comfortable and approachable—a place which satisfies clients’ needs and makes their dreams come true!”
Contact : 310 202 1171
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