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Interior Designer Information

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Interior DesignerName : Jeanese
Last Name : Rowell
Company : Jeanese Rowell Design, Inc.
Reseller Number : .
State : California
Email :
Website :
Address Line 1 : 308 Bryant Street
Address Line 2 : .
City : Palo Alto
Address State : Residential
Zipcode, USA : 94301
Phone : 1.877.323.1066
Fax : .
Business Years : 4
authorized : Yes
authorized buyer : test
title : Jeanese Rowell Design, Inc.


Design excellence is the focus of Jeanese Rowell Design, Inc. Consistently high standards spring from a confluence of factors: articulated artistic vision, attention to detail, understanding client lifestyles and needs, years of professional experience, an extensive network of well-tested resources, a fine office team to oversee projects, and superb communications among all those involved from concept through fabrication. Jeanese Rowell’s process and stunning, distinctive design result from her deep understanding of collaboration and knowledge of specialists who fabricate, build, paint, and landscape. Hers is a practice built on mutual respect.
This award-winning designer, a Palo Alto native and Stanford graduate, has surrounded herself with an extraordinary team of people for over twenty-five years. All participants in Jeanese’s projects take pride in their respective craft. The team approach to designing and building is a signal to her clients that every collaborator involved in a project is doing what he or oshe does best in support of a cohesive design vision. The client serves as a lifestyle expert for the team.
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