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Interior DesignerName : Habitar Design
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Company : Habitar Design
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State : Illinois
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Address Line 1 : 1520 N Sedgwick Suite
Address Line 2 : 5A
City : Chicago
Address State : Residential
Zipcode, USA : 60610
Phone : (312) 274-2299
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title : Habitar Design


As interior designers in Chicago, our first task is to understand our client‘s vision and needs. For some clients, a particular room or a specific feature is essential – a baker’s kitchen, a contemporary fireplace and bookcase built-in. For others, the goal is the overall purpose of the space, such as designing the room to make entertaining easier.

But beyond the basic goals, understanding how a client wants their space to feel is essential in creating custom interior designs that not only is aesthetically pleasing but an extension of the client’s personality and vision.

Aside from design goals, we try to understand our clients’ expectations and working style. Some clients expect the interior designer to make all the decisions. Some are very hands-on and want limited assistance from an interior design firm. By taking the time to understand our clients at the beginning, the interior design process is smoother and more productive and enjoyable.

Because interior design is a creative and interactive process, as the clients consider their options, their vision expands and evolves. The client who just wanted an updated living room discovers she loves mid-century modern with a pinch of vintage flea-market finds. A kitchen backsplash becomes a Martha Steward Madison Avenue Kitchen complete with Haefela hardware. This is what it’s all about: Helping our clients discover what they really want. Contact us now, and let us know: How can we help achieve your design vision?
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