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Interior DesignerName : McConnell Allen Interiors
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Company : McConnell Allen Interiors
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State : Alaska
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City : Dallas
Address State : Residential
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Phone : (940) 390-1698
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title : McConnell Allen Interiors


Patti Allen, Dallas Interior Designer, is committed to creating beautiful interiors that express you, the client, and not the interior designer. In order to create a space that is truly a haven of serenity and comfort for you personally, it must incorporate your own goals, needs and interests into the overall design. The end result should be an expression and reflection of you. MAI Interiors does just that. That’s what we mean when we say that we are in the business of creating functional, beautiful design that speaks to you.

Patti Allen, a Dallas interior designer, serves the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as other communities throughout North Texas. In addition, MAI is available for design services in other locations as well.

Patti is known for her exceptional talent, her ability to envision the complete design concept, and for her skill in interpreting the client’s vision. Her extraordinary attention to detail is another personal touch that helps in the creation of interiors that are fully functional and practical, yet beautiful and tranquil. Since her interior design philosophy is to design with an emphasis on the individual client, she is able to achieve a high level of beauty and comfort that encompasses not only those who reside there, but all those who enter the space as well.

Patti’s commitment to her clients, her personal and professional integrity, and her professional yet personal approach result in an interior design experience that is stress-free and enjoyable. Call for a consultation today, and see for yourself what a great experience your interior design project can be.
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