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Handmade Area Rugs in Austin Texas

Decorating a home or a business is problematic at times. Bringing furniture together 'the right way' for an event or guests sometimes just needs that 'one thing' that will do the job. An area rug is usually the best option and can take care of any decorating problem, but not just any area rug. Part of the 'wow' appeal is in the art form, imagine what reaction you would get if it were an antique rug? Now, buyers and decorators in Austin Texas can own a beautiful piece of art from the Medallion Rug Gallery.

Our gallery maintains over 10,000 rugs from all over the world. Many of our select textile pieces are from the Eastern part of the world where rug weaving practiced for thousands of years such as India, Russia, Asia, Turkey and Iran. It is the oldest art form on our planet and generations of cultures have learned how to perfect their weave-making skills. 

Among pottery and agriculture is 'weave-making', which is important because it shows human cultural development. The oldest rugs known to exist today are over 25,000 years old and they still show incredible detail. 

The popularity of handmade rugs was at its peak during the 6th century and then again during the Sefevid Dynasty in the mid 1500's. besides the mass-production of rugs in the market, the methods used remained unchanged. The inexpensive rugs that you see in most stores are fine for practical uses, but the aesthetic nature of our Area Rugs is meant to make a lasting impression.

We specialize in antique rugs that use traditional methods of weaving called 'knot-weaving', which takes a long time to master. Area rugs made this way take weave-makers months and years to complete. The details are so rich that they are examples of the best tapestry and rugs in the floor covering industry. The rugs are made from wool, cotton, and silk materials that is specific to their regions.

We are very familiar with the industry and a high quality textile rug when we see one. Besides selling items from our collection we also offer rug services like: 

  • Repair and Restoration. We specialize in these servicing hand-woven rugs and even fix them when necessary.
  • Padding and Rotation. We can prevent the rug from sliding around and rotate them to make sure they get even attention from traffic and light.
  • Cleaning. We also dust and clean rugs In a non-abrasive way and be enjoyed forever. 

We are unlike any rug retailer out there. We do free shipping for anyone in the U.S., offer up to 80% discounts off the retail price, and do in-home trials with no obligation and more. Come visit the Medallion Rug Gallery on-line and find the rug that is right for you.