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Medallion Rug

Medallion Rug Gallery is pleased to offer free shipping for each of our high quality handmade area rugs to all of our U.S. based clients. We instituted this policy to enable you to make an investment in a collection of gorgeous rugs for your home or office without needing to worry about the exorbitant fees that typically accompany shipping heavy items.
Medallion Rug

We firmly believe in enabling all of our valued clients to try their new handmade area rugs in their home or office for 30 days with absolutely no risk. Therefore, you can feel free to confidently move forward with your area rug purchase. If you end up deciding that the rugs are not the right fit for the intended spaces, you can return them to us for free and receive a full refund without any restocking fees.
Medallion Rug

We are very proud of each of the handmade area rugs that we offer to our valued clients, and we are confident that you are going to love your new rugs after they arrive at your home or office. However, we offer a complete money back guarantee to protect all of our clients just in case.
Medallion Rug

We are always looking to add new handmade area rugs to our high quality selection. Therefore, we offer a trade-in service that enables all of our valued clients to purchase replacement for their old rugs at a discounted price. Simply send us your old handmade area rugs, and we will give you a store credit toward the cost of your replacement pieces

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