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Attributes - Condition

The condition of a rug is an important element because it affects the beauty and value of the rug. Handmade rugs are classified according to their overall condition. In the handmade rug industry these conditions are fine, average and worn.


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A fine rug is a rug in excellent shape with no stains, tears or holes, and no previous repair work. Since handmade rugs are very durable, most rugs are in fine condition. It is very easy to maintain a rug in its fine condition. For some maintenance suggestions, please go to the maintenance seg.


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An average rug is a rug which may have undergone or may require some minor repair because of a few broken or torn warp strands, knots or fringes. If repair is needed, it could simply be done at a professional rug retailer.


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A worn rug is a rug which may have discoloration, fading, insect or foundation damage. However, rugs with no damage and only extensive pile wear are also considered worn. Worn rugs, even though worn, should not be dismissed because similar to fine and average rugs, they can still have a very good resale value. Some are even considered valuable antiques.