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Why Do Some Rugs Buckle?
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buckleBeautiful homes across the world are greatly enhanced by their flooring. Many homes have complimenting Area Rugs, wall to wall carpet, hardwood floors and even the occasional marble or tile shows up in some homes. Very rarely will you visit or view a home that does not have at least one Area Rug in it. They add a personality defining concept to any area and are available in a variety of patterns, textures, shapes and tones.

Though these are beautiful furnishings for the floor throughout the home, it is quite displeasing when the rug starts to buckle. There are some occurrences of buckling that are fixable while others may simply require replacement of the rug altogether. There is no common denominator among rugs that helps to solve the bulking equation. There are a few common reasons that buckling may occur in an Area Rug.

The lines of symmetry in a hand woven rug are not identical. There is usually a slight difference in the length, width and fluctuation in the tension of the weave done throughout the rug. City rugs, which are factory woven rugs, are typically more precise and don t bulk as often. These rugs are managed by strict quality control reviews and usually have more precision of accuracy. However, tribal rugs possess great personality and character. These however, are more prone to bulking because of their discreet characters of perplex weave patterns or what may be described as weave flaws throughout the design.

Bulking due to the tension of the weave pattern is common in many countries that pattern these intimately designed rugs. Many times the tension patterns are viewed as character traits of the rug. They add personality and create beautiful stories within the design and are a great conversation starter for admirers of the rug.

Certain materials used for backings on Area Rugs can also cause bulking. Embroidery, hooked and needlepoint rugs are often constructed with heavy back materials. This type material also has variances in the symmetry of design which can lead to bulking. Custom rugs that are specially crafted by hand are sometimes constructed with different fibers and fabrics by sewing them together along the seam. The mixture of the different elements can cause distress and eventually lead to bulking as well.

Edges and trims of Area Rugs that are sewn together too tightly will almost always curl or bulk at some point of use. Machine surging and heavy sided cording on the edges of the rug can lead to massive bulking. This type of bulking may be painfully obvious or could only appear when rug is damp or wet.