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Why Choose Wool Area Rugs?
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arbil-wool-rug-26581-8043-red-mThere is a wide selection of materials available for area rugs, so why should you choose wool rugs over other materials? The simple answer is because many people think they are just better overall. A more detailed answer outlines some of the main benefits of choosing wool for your interior rugs.

Higher Durability

For many years, wool has been used to make rugs because it is durable. They have the natural ability to withstand use for a long time. Many antique rugs have survived as long as they have because they are usually made of wool and have the durability to outlast years and years of use.

Resistance and Resilience

Unlike other fibers, wool is naturally more resistant and resilient. It can deter dirt and allergens that often get ground into the fibers and backing. Wool rugs are resilient which means it can take heavy foot traffic and furniture weight without getting matted down. There is also a natural resistance to fire, making it a safer type of rug to have in a child s bedroom or playroom.

Easy Cleaning

A wool area rug does not require the same extensive cleaning as other types of rugs. Dust, dirt, and other harmful things are contained within the top sections of the fibers, keeping them from getting distributed through the house. There is also a type of oil that coats the fibers naturally, providing a stain blocker that helps you clean up spills easier than many other materials. These rugs are not completely stain resistant but they do have a higher resistance level than other types of rugs.

Temperature and Moisture Regulation

High humidity levels can make a room feel sticky and cause problems for people with health issues. Wool rugs have the ability to absorb up to 30% of their weight without feeling damp to the touch. It naturally absorbs and releases moisture to keep humidity levels regular. Temperature is also naturally regulated by wool fibers. They have the ability to help keep your home cool in the hot months and warm during the cold months.

Area rugs made from wool are available in a variety of designs. You can find traditional wool rugs, oriental rugs, and European rugs. There are also modern, contemporary, and braided styles. It is not hard to choose a design that compliments your d cor. Although wool area rugs are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, they are still worth the investment in the long run.