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What to Consider when Purchasing an Area Rug
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Douglas-Mackie-Rug-and-InteriorArea rugs are rugs that occupy a portion of floor space. Meant for more than decorative purposes, these rugs are generally a fraction of the size of the room that they are placed in. People like using area rugs to enhance the color scheme or even to lessen an echo for a room. Buying an area rug should be a carefully thought our process.

The first thing to do is decide what style of area that you will prefer. Contemporary area rugs generally have straight or circular patterns created with multiple like colors. Floral rugs contain floral prints of various types. Pictorial area rugs show scenes and people.

The next factor to consider is what colors you want to be in the rug. If you are using it to bring out a color in a room, this is a necessary step. For example, yellow and blue complement each other very nicely. There may even be multiple colors that you can pick from when you decide what you are looking for.

A very important decision is what area of the room you are going to place the rug. Imagine what the room would look like with a circular rug as opposed to a square rug. If you are placing the area rug in a hallway, you will want a runner area rug.

The final thing that you need to consider is the quality of area rug that you are going to purchase. Handmade area rugs have very detailed stitching. When you touch a handmade rug, you can feel the texture of the work that was done. Looking on the back side of the area rug, you will find where the artist has ended line of materials being used. Rugs that were manufactured generally feel very coarse, are not one of a kind and cannot last centuries.

When deciding to purchase an area rug, there are many factors to take into consideration, but the end result will be one that you can be proud of. Take your time, make sure that you choose one that compliments not only the room that it will be in, but it needs to compliment you as well. When someone walks into the room, they will see the area rug and know your taste, style and personality. It is important to let them see you through the area rug that you purchase.