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What makes an Oriental Rug Valuable?
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home_rugOriental rugs are among the most beautiful on the market. With rich colors, elegant construction and tasteful bending of design elements, they are equally valuable as decoration and investments. In shopping for Oriental modern or antique rugs, it's important to consider the value of the options you consider. You'll want to ensure that in addition to having an eye-pleasing addition to your home, you'll also have an heirloom that retains its value long into the future.

Quality Assessment

Oriental rugs can be made from a variety of materials, including silk, wool or cotton. If you're considering wool rugs, judge whether they have been spun by hand or machine. Although machine-spun rugs may be more precisely constructed, the lesser degree of craftsmanship involved will mean a reduced value. If an Oriental rug is comprised of particularly fine wool, it will be worth considerably more. In some cases, Oriental rugs are made with a cotton foundation. However, the best silk rugs normally have silk foundations and, as a result, will be more valuable. This is due to the fine nature of silk rugs as well as the extensive skill and labor necessary for their production.

Types of Dyes Used

The dyes present in an Oriental rug have a strong impact on value. For example, the use of vegetable dyes will mean higher costs related to production as well as skill. In fact, the degree of craftsmanship necessary to use natural vegetable dyes in Oriental and Persian rugs has often meant that dyers were given great respect for their abilities. As a result, rugs with these dyes will cost more and retain their value better over time.

Skills Necessary for Production

The creation of Chinese rugs, Tibetan rugs and other handmade rugs is a major factor in their value. Fortunately, it isn't necessarily hard for consumers to tell the difference between high-quality rugs and those of inferior quality. It's important to carefully examine the weave of these rugs to confirm that it's even throughout. Although this may be evident on the top of the rug, turning the rug over can be especially revealing. With even weaving, the knots and lines should be clean rather than crooked.

The popularity of Oriental rugs is natural considering the history and craftsmanship behind these marvels. To get the best deal, it's essential to examine each piece for evidence of value. With the right rug, one can have an investment that is also a pleasure to enjoy.