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What Is It About The Color Of A Rug?
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Modern-Living-Room-with-Natural-Lighting-and-Red-Accent-RugsWhen it comes to home decor, one of the most important yet sometimes overlooked components is the choice of rugs that are being utilized. People who live in houses and apartments around the world, are regularly shopping for and purchasing rugs of all sizes and colors. It's amazing how much the color of a rug can set the tone or ambiance of a specific room.

Regardless of what type of decor or furnishings are present in a room, the placement of appropriately colored area rugs can not only accentuate the present decor but they can be dominant factors in the room's overall appearance. When a brightly or lightly colored area rug is placed in even the darkest of rooms it can liven-up the room considerably.

While many people are sure about the type or style of rug they are shopping for, they are often less certain about the color or colors of the rug they are in search of. Quite frequently, people choose rug colors that will complement existing furniture such as sofas, chairs and woodwork.

It is important to remember that the lighting where you see an area rug you're interested in buying is not the same lighting that is used in the area where the rug will be utilized. When a person is shopping for rugs online he or she can often get a clearer, more objective view of the rug's color when looking at it on an Internet web site.

If a room has beige-colored walls, a dark brown rug can help to set a tone of depth and warmth while a beige-colored rug can help to liven-up and balance a room with predominantly dark brown walls.

There are instances where the color of rugs people have chosen to adorn their homes or offices with are rugs that simply clash with the rest of the decor. For example, you wouldn't want to place a purple and green area rug in a room that has soft, neutral wall colors. It's also not advisable to place a white area rug in an area that regularly experiences heavy foot traffic because the white rug will clearly show all dirty footprints that are on the rug.

No matter what type of environment a rug is placed in, choosing the right colors for the rug can greatly affect the overall mood of the room.