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What is a Persian Rug?
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store4Persian rugs have been around for thousands of years under one name or another. In fact, in one of the most exciting archaeological digs of the past 10 years, a tomb in Northern Asia was excavated. During the excavation, they discovered an intact area rug that turned out to be Persian in origin, owing to its design patterns.

The age? Over two thousand years old. So it is a very old tradition in the area that is now known as Iran. Iran, of course, is a continuation of the nation that used to be known as Persia. Many people know Persia initially from having seen battles of the ancient world between Greece and Persia on television documentaries or in movies.

The point being that Persia and now Iran have been a continuous kingdom or area for much of the past three thousand years. This has allowed many small communities that make Persian rugs and modern rugs to continue to innovate and create some of the top quality interior rugs in the world.

One of the unique things about Persian rugs is that the communities that make them often have a signature design or style that can help you to tell where the rug is from. In the new market for Oriental rugs, this is helpful because if you like a pattern or design, you can note where it is from and then find more of the same style by searching based on that location.

The distinct styles of Persian rugs often help them to define an entire room or living space, making it seem as grand as you set out for it to be.

With antique rugs, it makes a difference because market prices can be determined by the style of the rug and the manufacturer. If you are delving into the world of antique rugs, remember that it can be fascinating, but be sure to read up on it because there is a lot to learn. Websites like Medallion Rug Gallery can be of help because they offer online guides that get into the details of what people look for when they are buying antique rugs. They also mention how they are often priced. The antique market can be a lot of fun for people that like to collect. It is also often amazing to find out that there is a durable collectible out there that will probably appreciate over the decades when you walk on it every day.