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What can an Area Rug do for your Design Scheme?
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area-rug-color-schemeAn area rug can do wonders for your design scheme. A rugs texture, shape, and design can influence the feel of the room, give that completed look and help bring spaces together. Area rugs can transform your room into something beautiful and special.

Walking barefoot on a plush warm, soft area rug is by far better than walking across the cold wooden or stone floor. Area rugs can save expensive wood floors from scratches or help in soundproofing the kids room or add elegance to your hallway.

To select the right area rugs for your home, whether it be modern rugs or contemporary rugs, scale and balance of the space should be considered. Common shapes include rectangle, oval, square, round, octagon, and runners. Large rooms will call for large rugs, while transitional spaces and most hallways are better suited for runners or octagon area rugs.

Color is important as it helps to define the mood of the room and your overall appreciation of style. Cool colors are known to be calming and relaxing while warmer colors can lift your energy levels. Rich black and silver are usually used for a more contemporary look and pastels will achieve a country, cottage or shabby-chic type look. The use of dark and rich jewel tones are most often used to obtain that rich traditional and formal style.

To add interest, contrast or a little more of your personality, consider adding texture to your area rugs or going off the color wheel and add a vibrant color that will complement your room wall colors.

Remember, whether purchasing online rugs or purchasing in person, the way a rug is constructed can make the difference of owning a good quality rug that could last forever, or a rug that would need replacement in a few years. The most labor-intensive rugs are hand woven using hand dyed yarn, most handmade rugs are rectangular. Tufted rugs, whether machine made or handmade are constructed quickly and inexpensively. And then there are rugs that are constructed, either by hand or by machine, in which the yarn is looped through the backing and then cuts to create the pile.

Today's rugs are made from traditional and non-traditional materials but for a rug of good quality and lasting power look for good quality wool rugs or silk rugs. Wool rugs have been known to wear well and hold up better as they age.