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Vintage Turkoman Rugs
area rugs

turkmen-yomut-rug-D1382-preBeing made out of 100 percent wool, Turkoman area rugs have been used among a large network of Asian tribes for generations and its history is considered rich in material with the class of people who placed it as decoration in their homes or mansions. There are many colors that are associated with the turkoman rugs,but the most colorful of them all is the yomut rugs. Their color has been known to be the most popular of the entire sets and getting to acquire such wealthy yet affordable area rugs is a sign of status in many Asian tribes in past and present times. Understanding the history of these rugs is what allows the customer to realize what type of wealth they carry, and realizing the kind of past these rugs carry is what gives them their unique status among Asian homes and in some cases European homes.

Turkoman area rugs comes in many different colors and red is the most common on that is being made nowadays still in certain communities. Trading rugs as a business is about understanding the culture behind each piece of fabric, and that is what makes us the top professionals in our industry, and what separates us from the unwise business. We study the history of the fabric we want to invest in to make sure it is something worthy of our customers attention, and once we obtain the perfect rugs, we allow our customers to experience the feeling of the rug on their own to be able to decide for themselves if they want to keep their new decorative furniture turkoman area rug. The quality of these rugs are most certainly on the top list of rug performers in the world and we take pride in trading in such high level of material. We want to ensure each customer is able to afford a piece of history in their homes if they want to expand their cultural backgrounds and express their past in a more modern way.

Studying the history of turkoman area rugs and understanding what these rugs come from is what makes our educated professionals the best in finding the quality material all customers are interested in without having to spend an arm and a leg. Saving you money on your new rugs is part of our policy and sending you home satisfied is always the result we thrive to keep.