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Using Area Rugs To Cut Winter Heating Costs
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Rugwhy02When the winter winds blow, you expect to feel the cold when you step outside. However when you are inside on a harsh winter day, you want to feel warm and cozy. You do not want to have to wear a ton of clothes and you do not want to be in heavy socks and shoes to keep your feet warm. The cost of heating a home is continually on the rise causing people to be creative with how they keep their homes warm. Not all these creative ways are considered to be safe alternatives to keep things cozy. Area rugs are one creative way to keep your home warm as well as add a decorative touch.

Area rugs act as insulation on hard wood and tile floors which in return will lower the cost of heating your home. Consider choosing area rugs that are darker in color. The darker colors absorb the energy from the sun and tend to be better insulators than a light rug.

Wool is the best material for an area rug that is being used as a room insulator. They are also very durable, however they can cost a lot to be cleaned. Area rugs made from other material such as cotton, nylon and acrylic also make for good room insulators. They may not be as durable as a wool rug but they are easier to clean and tend to be less expensive.

When choosing your new area rugs, consider the thread count of the rug. The higher the thread count, the better of an insulator the rug will be. If the thread count is low or if you hold up the area rug and can see through it, it is not going to warm up any room. The area rug needs to be thick and lush.

For maximum warmth in a room, the area rug needs to cover as much as the floor as possible. If finding a rug large enough is not an option, be creative and use several smaller area rugs. This would be a great way to add some color and style to your home.

There is no need to have cold feet in the winter. Purchasing area rugs will lower your heating costs and keep your toes from touching a cold floor first thing in the morning.