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Tribal Rugs
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7ft-tribal-runner-IranMankind has woven tribal rugs for thousands of years. Each tribe puts their distinct mark on the rugs they produce. Some people can tell the tribe that made the rug just by examining the finished product. Tribal rugs are made all over the world. While the rugs from each region is to be respected, the tribes in Asia and the Middle East have long been acknowledged for producing some of the best rugs in the world. As a group they are referred to as Oriental rugs and they are the rugs many people would love to own.

Originally, the designation Oriental rug was only given to hand-knotted carpets and rugs made in Asia. Asian tribes from places like China, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tibet and Turkey are some of the largest producers and exporters of Oriental rugs in the world. These are people who have been making rugs for generations. Persian rugs are one type of Oriental rug which has a worldwide following. People love Persian rugs because of their thick pile, rich colors, unique designs and distinct style of knotting. They are known for their amazing variety of weave, size, design and color.

Carpet weaving has been done by the tribes in Persia longer than anywhere else in the world. There are historical accounts of amazing Persian rugs being produced over 2,500 years ago. Today, tribes in this region still produce the world's best rugs. Each village, district or tribe in Persia (modern day Iran) makes their own unique style of carpet. The way it's knotted or the colors or designs they used makes each one stand out and the style of weaving rugs is named after the tribe or village. That has produce legendary carpets types like Sultanabad, Bidjar, Tabriz, Kurdish, Kashan that people are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to own.

Pazyryk carpets have been made longer than any other type. This has allowed the Pazyryk technique to become very advanced. Many of them are made of silk or wool. Pazyryk carpets can be identified by the deep red color of the central field, wide borders with a deer on one side and a Persian horseman on the other. Baluch Persian rugs are another popular type of high-quality rug. The Baluch tribes are nomads who live in southern Iran. Their weavers still use techniques developed during ancient times. Baluch rugs are predominantly burgundy with navy blue and ivory accents. They are also of excellent quality. No two Baluch tribal rugs are exactly alike.

Tribal rugs have been woven for thousands of years. They are used for sitting, sleeping, praying and a variety of other things. Their true value cannot be measured in money.