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Trends in Contemporary Area Rug Designs
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images-2From that soft feel underfoot to a special decorating touch, the area rug adds texture and color to any room. It makes the foyer more welcoming and keeps the nursery a little quieter. This household staple is always evolving, and its latest trends update every style of decor with contemporary fashion and unique function.Colorful Accessories

Traditionally, a small rug provided a comfortable overlay for wood floors and spared the expense of carpeting an entire room. Today's floor covering does much more with the stylish flair of bold colors and exciting patterns. What used to be a simple necessity for bare floors is now a palette for your personal style. Brilliant hues underfoot pull together a room's color scheme, and strong contrasting shades put visual interest on the floor. Geometric patterns turn ordinary pathways down the hall into entertaining focal points. It's easy to make a brightly patterned area rug one of your best decorating accessories.

Texture Underfoot

Family feet love the cushy feel of a comfortable floor covering, and the latest materials offer great rug choices for any decor. Natural sisal or seagrass makes an area rug right at home in the bath. The kids' room is an ideal spot for the soft touch of micro-hooked cotton that's easy to clean. Thick retro shag turns a small carpet into a conversation piece of hipster fun in the den. Your choices for bedroom relaxation range from sensuous chenille to luxurious silk. A wide range of textures makes the area rug a versatile player throughout your home.

Off the Floor

One is wonderful, but two make a decorating statement. A recent innovation in interior design layers several area rugs for a unique look. The contrast in hues and textures livens up a room with visual interest. A bright floor covering makes an artful wall hanging, and that same lovely splash of color complements the window seat as a cushy cover. Don't miss the opportunities in your backyard. An outdoor carpet makes the patio more comfortable at the end of a hard day, and it dresses up the deck for those special entertaining occasions.

The area rug can be simple or dramatic, and it can add fun to function in surprising ways. This versatile floor covering requires very little care and doesn't have to be expensive. The next time you're in a redecorating mood, keep an eye on the floor, and picture all the exciting possibilities.